We are personally dedicated to a healthy, focused and productive lifestyle and creating financial independence for ourselves and our family.  We educate and consult others in healthy lifestyle management, personal productivity & organization and creating income and financial freedom by becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.

As Health Coaches we help clients create a lifelong vision of living healthy and fit lifestyle, coaching them through a process of creating health in their life, that includes:

● Reaching a Healthy Weight & Body Mass Index by using an effective, easy to follow, low glycemic, portion controlled meal replacement program that is safe and recommended by doctors.

● Teaching them eating habits that help them maintain that healthy weight for life by following healthy dietary guidelines.

● Guiding them to develop and enhance healthy lifestyle habits that support longterm health including: stress management, vitamin and nutritional supplementation, proper sleep and active living – inside and out.

● Integrating motion. exercise and weight resistance in their daily habits so that they gain fat burning muscle mass and reduce body fat.

● Optimizing their health through inflammation control and body energy management.

● Understanding the principles of natural longevity and brain health by reaching a state of ultra health